We’re gonna cook again!

Its been a little while since we last rolled into a place to serve a few of you. But we decided there is so much good food around during holiday-season, that we might as well open in January, instead of December.

We found a beautiful place in the heart of Berlin and will open on January 21st, 2012. Make your friend a christmas gift and put an invite for the RollinRestaurant #4 underneath the tree!

On Saturday, January 21st you are invited for an oh so lovely 3-course-dinner. The one thing you need to do? Have a friend who is wild at heart and bring him! Your definition what that’ll mean… We can’t wait for your wild stories.

What do you have to do to be part of the night?

1. Write us an email to rollinrestaurant@googlemail.com. The first 20 people + friend are in.

2. Wait for the confirmation-Email and send 30 EUR per person to our bank-account. (…it’ll all be in the Mail)

3. You will receive an Email on Friday, January 20th, with the Menu and the address to the location.

You will get great value for money but we can’t afford to include the drinks in the price. Since we are not in it for the money but for the fun, the prices will be very reasonable.

By the way, the dinner is for the ones who love food and eat everything. We’re not serving vegetarian food or other alternatives.