Last weekend we had the pleasure to open the RollinRestaurant at a beautiful place in Berlin Prenzlauerberg: The Naked Lunch. Located at the very end of an old Courtyard this was the perfect place to open for the first time in 2012. Torsten, the owner of the place and former cook in one of Sarah Wieners kitchen, and his wonderful team of Nasti and Jimmy, did a great job hosting us and also our 40 guests. Amongst those were a few who wrote very nice things about the night out. Thanks to Zoe & James from Uberlin & Boris a.k.a. Berlintourist for those very flattering words. It was our pleasure to serve all of you!

Here are a few pics of the night, that have been taken by our good friends Sebastian and Michael, who both turn these nights into hours to remember with their remarkable pics; thanks guys!













And this is what we served

Cured Elk, lingonberry jelly, Brussels sprouts, cheese

This is what you need:

- 200 g elk
- 1 tbsp sugar
- ½ tbsp salt
- 1 shallot
- rosemary
- 100 g lingonberry
- gelatine
- 4 Brussels sprouts
- 0.1 l matured cheese
- 0.1 l crème fraiche

Start with the elk. To get the best result you should use a bigger piece of meat. Our pieces were almost a kilo each. Mix sugar, salt, finely chopped shallots and rosemary. Put it together with the elk in a plastic bag. Let it rest in the refrigerator for 48 hours. Turn around at least 4 times. Rinse the meat to get rid of the spices. Cut in thin slices and serve with the sides.

Lingonberry jelly. Warm 0.2 dl water and mix with the lingonberry and a tbsp sugar.  Mix with 2 leaves of gelatine. Let it rest in the fridge and cut into squares.

Cheese cream. Grate the cheese and warm with crème fraiche. Let it cold and sprinkle on the meat.

Brussels sprouts. Remove the nice leaves from each sprout. Add to boiling water for 30 sec. Remove and put in iced water until serving. Dry and add to the plate.

Deer, pickles, dumplings stuffed with mushrooms and gravy

This is what you need:
-    700 g deer
-    carcasses for the gravy
-    1,5 l water
-    1 onion
-    1 carrot
-    1 leek
-    0.1 L red wine
-    1 tbsp lingonberry
-    100 g butter

-    500 g potatos
-    0.2 L flour
-    1 egg
-    50 g mushrooms
-    1 shallot
-    1 leaf of sage
-    1 tbsp parsley
-    50 g butter
-    1 twig sage

-    200 g pumpkin, cut into 1.5×1.5 cm squares.
-    50 g shiitake mushrooms cut into halves
-    50 ml vinegar (used a Swedish version with 12% acid. This is 3-4 times as sour as normal vinegar)
-    0.1 l sugar
-    0.2 l water
-    Mustard seeds
-    2 slices of fresh ginger

Start with the pickles. The fluid is a well-known Swedish 1-2-3-marinade used for all kind of pickles. Mix vinegar, water, sugar and mustard seeds and boil for a minute. Add ginger, pumpkins and shiitake. Remove from heat and preserve in fridge for at least 24 hours.

Dumplings. Boil potato and press through a ricer. Mix with flour and the egg. Flavour with salt and pepper. Whisk to a firm dough. You might need some additional flour to get the right consistency. You should be able to make small dumplings.

Chop the mushrooms and onion into small pieces and fry in a pan. Remove and mix with parsley, sage, pepper and salt.

Make small balls out of the dough. Make a dimple and stuff with mushrooms. Close the dough around the dimple so that the stuffing will not run out when boiling.

Boil the dumplings for 5 min in salted water. Before serving, heat the dumplings in a pan with butter and sage.

Sauce. Use the carcasses from the deer. Put in oven on max heat for 15 min. Add onion, carrots and leek. Remove after 10 min and put in a pig pan. Add water and simmer for at least 6 hours. 1/4 of the fluid should remain. Strain and cook with red wine until 0.2 l remains. Add lingonberry and cook for another 10 min. Strain again. Now the only thing you should add before serving is butter, salt and pepper. The cold butter not only helps the sauce taste better, it also helps to get the right consistency. You should add cold butter and don’t let the sauce cook again, just keep it warm.

Meat. Fry the piece of meat in butter in a hot pan. When all sides have got a nice crust, but in oven on 100 degrees until the core temp reaches 58 degrees. Rest for 10 min, add with salt and pepper and serve immediately with the rest of the ingredients.

Toffeecake, lingonberry-pear and ginger-cream

This is what you need:

-    2 pears
-    0.1 L lingonberry sirup
-    100 g lingonberry
-    3 slices ginger
-    0.5 L water
-    50 ml sugar

-    200 g hazelnut
-    100 g almond
-    4 eggs
-    100 g sugar
-    150 ml molasses
-    150 ml brown sugar
-    0.2 L cream
-    20 g chocolate
-    0,2 L lingonberry
-    100 g butter
-    0.2 L cream
-    0.1 L yoghurt
-    2 slices ginger

Start with the pears. Peel them and put into water, lingonberry sirup, lingonberry and ginger. Cook for 10 min. Let them cold in the liquid. When serving, remove the pears from the decoction and half.

Toffee cake. Roast almonds and hazelnuts in a hot pan. Mix in a blender to a fine powder.  Whisk eggs and sugar for 10 min. Mix the nuts with the egg mixture. Fill a buttered oven form with the mixture and bake for 30 min in 180 degrees. Meanwhile, make the toffee. Cook sugar, molasses, cream for 10 min. Remove from the heat and add first chocolate and then the butter.

Let the cake cool down. Apply the lingonberries on the cake and pour the toffee (shouldn’t be more than 60 degrees warm) over the lingonberries. Put in the fridge until serving.

Ginger cream. Heat the yoghurt and the ginger but don’t let it boil. After 20 min remove from heat and let it cool down. Whisk together with the cream to a nice texture.

Lingonberry sirup. Use the decoction from the pear. Heat up and add 50 ml sugar. Cook until you get a syrup.
Serve the cake with half a pear, ginger cream and the sirup.

That’s all about the menu. Leave us a not if you have any questions about it!

Closing this post with a big shout out to KAHLA, who gave us massive amounts of tableware for free and never asked for anything in advance. We like their style!

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