It somehow feels we should open our little Restaurant again, don’t you think? Well, we will. Sunday, April 15th is the date and we have been thinking about doing something different this time – very different as the headline to this post indicates for those who have visited the RollinRestaurant before:

  1. Ask yourself: Why eat three courses, when you could eat seven? Right, there will be seven courses.
  2. We are very proud to have worked with one of Germany’s best bartenders to make this happen. He created one special drink per dish. You will be amazed what this guy can do with flavors…
  3. This time we just invite 10 instead of theusual 40 people to another unexpected but overwhelming location.
  4. Unlike the rule of the previous events “first come, first served”, this time every email is one ticket only in the RollinRestaurant-lottery. We’ll draft the 10 winners on the 3th of April.

If you want your ticket in the RollinRestaurant-lottery, drop us a line anytime between now and April 3rd at noon. We will let you know sometime during the Easter-Weekend, if you are one of the lucky 10 to be part of the night. Step by step:

  • Write us an email to until April 3rd (noon). Every email is a ticket for ONE seat.
  • Wait for the confirmation-Email and send 90 EUR per person to our bank-account. (…it’ll all be in the email).
  • You will receive an Email on April 14th with the Menu and the address of the place to be.

Those 90 EUR include 7 courses, all accompanied by outstanding drinks created especially for those courses. There will be no extra costs whatsoever. You are all set.

P.S.: The RollinRestaurant will start on 05:30 p.m. and will last for a couple of hours…

P.P.S.: The dinner is for the ones who love food and eat everything. We’re not serving vegetarian food or other alternatives. Also you should like alcohol, because there will be alcohol. The alternative is water, but you don’t want to do that, right?