There are some risks involved when you turn a working concept into something very different, but all three of us somehow felt we had to make some changes and step up after a great ride thru our first year with the RollinRestaurant. No doubt, it was great as it was: We met inspiring people from all over the world, enjoyed really good food and loved our nights as hosts of the RollinRestaurants very very much. But we simply needed something new. After throwing some ideas around we came up with this:

“Let’s cook for ten people only, increase the number of courses and make them drink, what we think is right.”

Sounds like a crazy idea? That’s what we thought and so we started working.

We asked Jakob, Bartender at our favorite Bar in Berlin, if he was interested in working with us and for some reason he had been thinking about the idea of bringing great food with matching cocktails together for quite a while. So what started as a simple thought, turned into something very real really quickly and we started planning, working on the details, trying out dishes and match drinks with them.

Last Sunday everything came together and we couldn’t have asked for a better night at the Stagger Lee with a fantastic crowd. Thanks a million to Jakob and Robin, who have not only been putting together a wonderful and tasty drink-menu to match all the courses, but have also been great hosts during the entire evening, explaining drinks, their ingredients and the idea behind every single combination.

The rest of the night has once again been captured by our friend and amazing photographer Basti, who at this point we are handing over the show…

And this is what we served

Golden oysters with onion marmalade. French Curves (thyme champagne)

Pear cannelloni stuffed with crab, shiitake and wild garlic. Isolation (ginger fizz)

Tartare of mussels, cucumber jelly and tapioca. Log Lady (mustard dill martini)

Burned cod, asparagus and a tarragon emulsion. Lonesome Whistler (brandy red wine)

Lamb with lemon and garlic confit, peas and leaves. Nights in White Satin (white port foam)

Spiced pork belly, cauliflower purée and Swedish tomatoes. Dark as The Dungeon (Whiskey Black Ale)

Smoked reindeer heart with yellow beet and horseradish

Goat cheese terrine, cloudberry and liquorice dust. Fräulein (wild berries vinegar

Caramelized chocolate cream spiced with Pernod, sweet fennel, roasted almond ice cream with salt and olive oil. Golden Slumber (egg bourbon)

The bar team and we.

All the pictures of the night at the Stagger Lee are in our gallery and also on our Facebookpage. Special thanks goes out to the man on the camera Basti.

The whole night was an incredible experience, totally fun and an unforgetable memory for us and we hope for our guests as well :-) .

If you want to know, when we will be opening again, drop us a line and we’ll put you on the mailinglist.