Shorty Award for the RollinRestaurant
Since January 7th the nominations for the Shorty Awards 2013 can be send in. As I am writing this post 85 of you have already send their nomination-tweet, because you like what we do. We cannot tell you how uch we appreciate that you did so and are sending some good karma your way. Feeling it already?

For those who haven’t nominated us yet, but think we deserve our few moments of fame out their in the social media world, here is what the awards are all about and how you can make sure some folks from Germany can actually be on the shortlist:

  • The Shorty Awards honor those, who make a difference thru their social media activities.
  • A short list is created by nominating a twitter-account, that connects to the story. In this case its @paulfritze for the RollinRestaurant.
  • If on February 10th one is in the top 6 of the respective category, the jury will consider giving you the award. Awesome? Awesome!

If you think those judges should take a closer look at the RollinRestaurant, here is what you can do to help:

  1. Send your nomination tweet from the Shorty Award website and nominate us.
  2. Share this link in your other social networks and ask your friends to do the exact same thing.

We are in 6th place as I am writing this, and I am pretty sure we cannot mobilize as many as those in the top 3 (a few hundred nominations!), but we would love to make the top of the second half and come in in fourth place. Looks like that should be possible if you think thats a good idea. We are thankful and are raising our glasses towards everyone of you!