Without the support, help and sponsoring of awesome people, we wouldn’t be able to run the RollinRestaurant in a way we do it.

Kahla Porzellan

Kahla sponsors the RollinRestaurant with beautiful tableware, which enables us to run our restaurant at various locations with a full inventory. That makes Kahla rollers for life!

BetaHaus Berlin

The Betahaus is a wellknown Coworking space and they where the first once to trust us to open our little Restaurant. We are still amazed and very thankful!


The Basecamp is a place run by E-Plus. Basically a shop for mobile phones with a coffee-place. Nicely located Unter den Linden.

Jäger & Sammler

Ansgar from the awesome Schöneberg restaurant Jäger und Sammler was the first, who gave us the opportunity run the RollinRestaurant in a professional kitchen. Our third dinner Fishing for Compliments at Ansgar’s cosy place was just as good as it can get.

Naked Lunch

A wonderful restaurant in the back of a courtyard. Run by one of Sarah Wieners former chefs. Torsten: Hat tip to you, for letting us in your kitchen!