The RollinRestaurant invites people to places they don‘t know, to eat food they have not ordered, together with people they have never seen before.

We serve a several-course-dinner, which happens on a week‘s notice in locations that are most of the time unlikely to be „highjacked“ as a restaurant.  Getting one of the strictly limited tickets is a matter of living online, and being flexible, because the registration is first come, first serve, without knowing what to expect, except that it will be a dinner, on a specific date, „somewhere in Berlin“. The number  of seats is stricktly limited, depending on the actual location.

Announcements of upcoming RollinRestaurants are given through this site only. The location is not revealed longer than a day before the venue actually takes place, the actual menu not before the guests have it on the table in front of them.

Most of the guests have never seen each other before, and will be receiving an eMail disclosing the place to be, just 24 hours before.  But there is plenty to talk about for people sharing a passion for food, a taste for the international, and the appetite for the unexpected.

The RollinRestaurant is run by us, Björn the Swede, who is all about the food excellence, blonde Paul who is all about hosting people, and bold Paul, who is all about the challenge of cooking under the wildest circumstances, in places not designed for it.

If you also breeze a passion for food, register for the RollinRestaurants sign up for our mailinglist and you might become part of this mixture!